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Just the facts – none of the “woo-woo”.

There are many definitions of Mindfulness.

Mine is: Being aware of, and fully engaged in, what is happening in your moment-to-moment experience, without judging or trying to change it.

Or…as one grade 5 student in a school mindfulness program put it: “It means not hitting someone in the mouth.”

Mindful is a way of Being in your life. You learn to notice where you are, what you are doing, how you feel about it and ultimately choosing to relate to it with a wise response as opposed to an often unhelpful, knee-jerk reaction.

Practicing mindfulness is about purposely cultivating a balanced relationship with whatever is going on in your life.

Why should you do that? Because when you are constantly overwhelmed by what’s happening in your experience, or burnt out by trying to control it all, it creates a lot of unnecessary stress, which affects your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Meditation teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn nailed it when he described life as a turbulent ocean where: You can’t stop the waves – but you can learn to surf.

Life is inherently full of incredible joys and frustrating challenges. But with mindfulness you can be with those ups and downs in a kinder, easier, and more accepting way.

Through mindfulness, we can learn a new way to navigate our life: with Wisdom, Compassion and Equanimity.

Meditation is the training ground of mindfulness…the training in Awareness, Self-Knowledge and most importantly Equanimity.

In meditation we carve out time to sit, on a regular basis, to observe how our mind works, and how we tend to handle what’s happening in our experience…and life in general.  We start to recognize where our thoughts and behaviours are not really serving us, or others, well.

Mindfulness meditation is also where we learn how to be OK with what is happening in our life. To give up pushing against what already is. Because that, of course, is futile and exhausting, to say the least.

Through formal meditation, we practice the skills and qualities of being mindful “on the cushion” so that we can be more mindful in our daily life.

Even though Mindfulness Meditation is a western adaptation of the Buddhist meditation practice of Vipassana or Insight Meditation, it is important to note that meditation does not have to be esoteric, culturally associated or even spiritual, for that matter.

My approach to meditation is simple, secular-based, with minimal woo-woo…meaning no chanting, incense, candles or beads. Not that there is anything wrong with those tools and rituals…they’re just not me.

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation helps increase your “coping capacity” so that you can better handle whatever life serves up.

Not only does meditation help reduce the mental “noise” of our daily lives…research shows that Meditation helps:

  • Increase a sense of calmness and stability
  • reduce symptoms of stress,
  • reduce anxiety and depression symptoms,
  • increase emotional regulation
  • manage chronic illness and/or pain
  • increase concentration and focus
  • lower blood pressure,
  • promote better sleep.
  • increase overall mental and physical well-being
  • improve memory
  • improve performance at work, sports or other activities
  • create positive biological changes in aging and stress related hormones
  • strengthen immune system,
  • improve self-awareness
  • increase sense of self-acceptance
  • transform relationships with others
  • increase qualities of compassion and resiliency

Science shows that
meditation can help you:

Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

Improve your concentration, focus, and memory

Increase calmness stability, & resilience

Increase your emotional intelligence

Strengthen your immune system

Sleep better

The best part? You don’t have to clear your mind or sit for hours for meditation to be effective.

You can improve mental clarity, emotional intelligence, and physical well-being with simple moments of mindfulness throughout the day.

I’ll teach you how.

Just the facts, none of the “woo-woo”.

When you think of meditation, you might think of people sitting like pretzels, chanting, and burning incense. And while there’s nothing wrong with those things, that’s not how I approach or teach meditation.

I keep meditation simple, secular, and practical. 

I skip the woo-woo and get straight to science-backed approaches that are proven to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Are you ready to calm your nervous system, and experience ease in your life, health, or workplace?


Mindfulness & Meditation training for a more balanced personal life.


For those looking for relief in facing health challenges like tinnitus and chronic pain or illness.


For Organizations that want to increase employee wellness, improve retention, & boost revenues

Why Choose Anchored Meditation?

I’m not going to tell you that there’s just Three Easy Steps to Learn Meditation!

I’m also not going to take you on a journey to your higher/better/badass self…or nourish your soul. Nor will we use beads, chant, or burn incense (not that there’s anything wrong with those, they’re just not my thing.)

If that’s the approach you need, I am not your teacher.

But, I AM the mindfulness & meditation teacher who will show you in plain language how to live with less stress, more presence, and how to find rest and recuperation from the challenges you may be experiencing. And, most importantly, how to stop making your life more bloody difficult than it needs to be.

If you’d like to learn how to start living your life, with more calm and less chaos–choose the area(s) of interest to you: Life, Health, or Work.

Contact me using the form below if you’d like my guidance on how to start your mindfulness meditation training.

“Karen's overall approach to facilitation and personal demeanor –the use of common language, sharing of real life/relatable personal experiences, provision of practical examples, etc., helped to demystify “mindfulness” and “meditation” therefore making the concepts (and inherent benefits to everyday life) accessible and practical for those new to the practice.”
Anchored Meditation Courses in Mindfulness & Meditation
Dr. William W.
“This course makes micro-movement changes in your daily life. Karen always reminded that a little change is still a change, and she was highly encouraging.“
Anchored Meditation Courses in Mindfulness & Meditation
Julie L.
“Karen takes meditation and explains things in normal terms that are relatable to the average person. This course is a fantastic introduction for anyone who is the slightest bit interested in meditation. Throughout the six classes, Karen breaks down the practice of mindfulness meditation into small building blocks, first laying the foundation, then building up as the weeks go on. Karen shows how mindfulness meditation can be applied to anyone's daily life! Enjoy a variety of topics over the week, and you will likely be motivated to adopt a meditation practice in some shape or form. I have truly become more mindful, more present, and more in tune with myself from completing the course. Would highly recommend!”
Anchored Meditation Courses in Mindfulness & Meditation
Dr. Toni T.
“Very authentic; practical; Karen has energy and a true passion for her practice and to teach others so they can benefit. Wanting so much to educate and inspire others, she is very clear calm and confident!”
Anchored Meditation Courses in Mindfulness & Meditation
Dr. Edna T. (Weekend Workshop)
“This class was great for anyone who wanted a full scope of an introduction into mindfulness meditation without being overwhelmed by too much content. Karen was very personable, and I felt comfortable discussing questions in the group atmosphere.”
Anchored Meditation Courses in Mindfulness & Meditation
Paola V. (Weekend Workshop Participant)
“Loved it. Very accessible. Made me want to, and feel I could, fit a regular practice in my busy life.”
Anchored Meditation Courses in Mindfulness & Meditation
Laurelyn B.

Mindfulness & Meditation
with a Certified & Accredited Teacher

Anchored Meditation’s mindfulness & meditation teacher, Karen Vincent, is based seaside on the Atlantic Ocean in the small fishing village of Petty Harbour, near St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. She teaches mindfulness courses and workshops both in-person as the Associate Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher at the AMAL Wellness Centre studio in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, and virtually, on-line via Zoom.

Karen is a graduate of the two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield, PhD., and Tara Brach, PhD., at the University of California Berkeley Greater Good Science Center, as well as a registered member of The International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She’s completed the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program with Sean Fargo, founder of Mindfulness Exercises; as well as meditation teacher and author ( Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics ) Jeff Warren’s How to Guide Meditation Training; she’s also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher through YogaRenew –a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

You can read Karen’s eventful story on becoming a Mindfulness & Meditation teacher here.

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