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Both Oars In:
Courses for Beginners &
the Mindfulness Meditation Familiar

Both Oars In: These courses range from 3 to 6 weeks and are for those who are interested in learning all about or going further into Mindfulness & Meditation practices and are prepared to do home practice to instigate curiosity and facilitate understanding.

Classes are approximately 2 hours and are conducted through instructional talk, experiential exercises, and Q&A.

Informational handouts, homework log and recorded guided meditations are provided. Home Practice is required. Participation in a weekly on-line “Drop in Sit” is offered.

Mindfulness Meditation

Course examples:

  • Learn to Go with the Ebb & Flow: Navigating Life with Mindfulness & Meditation
    A 6-week in-depth course on understanding and experiencing several transformative Mindfulness & Meditation techniques.


  • Be Here. Be Clear. Be OK. Living with Mindfulness & Meditation
    A 4-week course on living a focused, engaged, and balanced life through Mindfulness Meditation.


  • Refueling with Mindfulness & Meditation: The Case for Kindness, Compassion & Resiliency*
    Mindfulness & Meditation for helping us become nicer, more care-ful and stronger, human beings.


  • Mindfulness for the Caregiver*
    Mindfulness & Meditation for those who care for others.

*Prerequisite: Completion of Learn to Go with the Ebb & Flow or Be Here. Be Clear. Be Ok. or other comprehensive Mindfulness Meditation course.

Course dates:

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