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Deep Dive: Regular Meditators:

Deep Dive classes/courses range from 1-off classes to 4-week courses and are for those who have a regular meditation practice and want to go deeper into the more complex philosophies and understandings of the teachings.

Classes are approx. 1.5 hours and are conducted through instructional talk, experiential exercises, and Q&A.

Informational handouts and recorded guided meditations are provided. Home Practice is required. Participation in a weekly on-line “Drop in Sit” is offered.
Mindfulness Meditation

Class/Course examples:

  • The Practice of Humans Being.

  • The Three No BS Truths of Life

*Prerequisite: Completion of Learn to Go with the Ebb & Flow or Be Here. Be Clear. Be Ok. or other comprehensive Mindfulness Meditation course.

Class/Course dates:

If you’re interested in a class or course please contact me through the form below.

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