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Have you done a workshop, course or class with Anchored Meditation?

Then you’re invited to join our free Thursday evening Drop In Sit where we do a SEA meditation: a simple, engaged, awareness meditation!

This is a minimal guidance meditation, after all meditation is about what YOU are experiencing!

There will be a few words at the beginning just to get us into the zone…then just like shiny new Teslas — we sit quietly recharging our batteries. The intention is: To give ourselves permission for 15 minutes, each week, to drop everything that came before and put down the planning of what’s to come.

Fifteen minutes of gloriously doing NOTHING but BEING.

The format is trés simple…We log into Zoom…sit…and maybe have a chat about meditation afterwards…or you can Sayonara whenever you need, with a wave of your hand.

Please send a friend request to join!