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Would you like to learn about (and practice) mindfulness and meditation in a secluded, serene sea-side retreat setting?

Anchored Meditation and Gypsy Sea Adventures (in the Random Island area) are offering a weekend mindfulness and meditation retreat out in their Deer Harbour location, this July.
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I know there are many yoga retreats offered in the province that include a few minutes of guided meditation at the end of a yoga session – but there hasn’t been one retreat like this –where you are actually TAUGHT mindfulness and meditation practices, have plenty of time to go deep into your understanding of them and learn how to integrate them into your life.

This is a retreat where there is instruction, discussion, experiencing…and lots of time for your questions about mindfulness and meditation, as they pertain to YOUR experience. To say nothing of beautiful accommodations by the sea, boat rides, all meals included, a guided picnic lunch hike, and plenty of time for kayaking, seaside hiking…and just Be-ing.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have had a daily(ish) meditation practice, this retreat will help you really grasp (or remember) the foundations of mindfulness meditation, from a secular approach, based in neuroscience, and will help solidify your commitment to living life in a calmer, healthier, more fulfilling and appreciative way.

If you’re wondering about the real-time benefits of a mindfulness meditation retreat by the sea, here are a few aspects to consider:

1. Nature Connection: Immersing yourself in nature enhances the connection between mindfulness and the environment, bringing a deeper sense of a tranquility that is always around us.

2. Sensory Experience: The sights, sounds, and smells of nature and the sea provide a rich sensory experience, adding layers of depth to your meditation practice.

3. Reduced Distractions: Retreats held in serene environments minimize your normal daily distractions and allow for a more focused and immersive mindfulness and meditation experience.

4. Community Support: Being part of a retreat provides a supportive community, encouraging shared learning and a sense of unity in mindfulness practice.

5. Extended Practice Periods: Retreats typically involve longer or more opportunities for meditation than a once-daily practice, for a more profound exploration of mindfulness techniques.

6. Reflection and Integration: Retreats offer precious and invaluable time for self-reflection and the opportunity to explore how to integrate mindfulness into various aspects of our inner and outer life, enhancing its impact beyond the retreat.

So…overall, a mindfulness meditation retreat by the sea can deepen your practice by combining the benefits of Be-ing…in nature…with fewer distractions and more communal support.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the venue where this this unique retreat will be held, visit: Gypsy Sea Adventures

If you’d like more information on the mindfulness meditation aspect – I’m happy to answer any of your questions! Just contact me using the form below.