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Anchored Meditation Skim the Surface Course

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation helps increase your “coping capacity” so that you can better handle whatever life serves up.

Skim the Surface: Workshops For Beginners:

Mindfulness & Meditation can be a complex topic. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or bandwidth to take in a ton of information and all you can handle are just the basics.

Skim the Surface Workshops are for those who simply want to dip their toe into these teachings. They’re looking to know the very basics of what Mindfulness & Meditation are, and what these tools will do for them and decide later whether they want to dive deeper into these life changing practices.

These introductory Workshops are for groups and are scaled down versions of longer courses. They are approx. 1.5 to 2 hours and use a combination of instructional talk, experiential exercises, and Q&A sessions and can be tailored to specific audiences to ensure maximum relevance.

Intro Workshop examples:

  • Be Here. Be Clear. Be OK. Living with Mindfulness & Meditation. How to live a focused, engaged and balanced life.

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