“Being” by the Sea Weekend Retreat
July 26–28, 2024
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Meditation for Life –your life.

These are just some of the things that mindfulness & meditation
have been proven to help with:

Stress & anxiety

Difficulty managing emotions

Chronic pain and/or illness


Lack of focus or concentration


Addictive behaviors

Stress & anxiety




Poor health habits

Memory problems

Recovery from accident/illness

Kindness & compassion for self & others

Are you new to mindfulness or meditation?

Learn About the 2-hour

The Mindfulness & Meditation Demystified Workshop

Explore the 6-week

Learn to Go with the Ebb & Flow: Navigating Life with Mindfulness & Meditation Program

Mindfulness & Meditation Demystified

If you’re not sure what mindfulness & meditation is or if it’s even right for you, the Mindfulness & Meditation Demystified Workshop is a down-to-earth introduction of how both can help you to live a calmer, healthier, less-stressed life.

And, I’ll give you just the facts, none of the “woo-woo”.

This 2-hour workshop is a short introduction to mindfulness and meditation practices. Learn “just the basics” of what mindfulness and meditation are all about and how they can reduce your stress and struggle, increase your mental and physical well-being, and bring calm and balance to your life.

This instructional and experiential workshop will show you that mindfulness and meditation practices are accessible to everyone from all walks of life.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Demystified Workshop.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Demystified

In this Workshop, you'll learn:

  • What mindfulness and meditation is and is not, dispelling common myths and misconceptions surrounding these ancient practices.
  • About the proven benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • About three attentional skills (concentration, clarity, and equanimity) that are strengthened in a meditation practice and how these skills will positively affect your daily life.
  • How and why, it is important to live in the present moment.
  • Four different meditations
  • How to start a regular meditation practice.
  • Whether you’re ready for a more in-depth program.

Learn to Go With the Ebb & Flow:
Navigating Life With Mindfulness & Meditation

Learn to Go with the Ebb & Flow will teach you how to skillfully navigate life’s ups and downs – by helping you find focus, clarity and balance with whatever life serves up.

And if you already meditate then this program will help reignite and deepen your practice.

If you're feeling…

that so many things in your life are out of your control – well, they are!

The reality is, that there is a lot that we’re not in control of. And there’ll be many ups and downs throughout our life – it’s just the way life is.

But what we ARE in control of is how we handle it all.

Constantly reacting as opposed to responding to situations and events, can create a lot of unnecessary mental and physical stress and struggle, and disconnects us from the inherent joys in life.

If you’re tired of being swept away by the currents of life – this program in Mindfulness & Meditation will teach you how to find rest, recalibration, reconnection, and will rejuvenate your mindset through simple practices and shifts in perception.

In this six-week program you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of mindfulness meditation and how it impacts your brain, your body, and your quality of life.
  • How to become aware of your moment-to-moment experience and meet challenges with wisdom, equanimity, kindness, and compassion.
  • How to become more responsive and less reactive to challenging situations.
  • How to live more intentionally and skillfully, bringing clarity, peace, and balance into your stressful life.
  • Several mindfulness meditations to use in a daily meditation practice along with invaluable tools and techniques to apply mindfulness daily.
  • To go with the ebb & flow…. an easier, lighter, way of Being which improves your overall physical and mental health.

Classes are approximately 2 hours each and are comprised of instructional talk, guided meditations, and open discussion. This program includes weekly support through summaries, info sheets, and recorded guided meditations. Home practice is required.

For additional support, the Learn to Go With the Ebb & Flow Program includes:


of each week’s class.

Info Sheets

Mindfulness practices to use during the week.


Weekly guided meditations to help strengthen your skills.

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Payment and Cancellation: In order to ensure your space in your Workshop or Program, it must be paid in full in advance. Please note that there are no refunds. You may apply the cost to a future program within that calendar year. If the program facilitator must cancel, then of course all fees will be refunded.

Disclaimer: Mindfulness & Meditation are not a replacement for mental or physical health treatments, nor is anything that appears on this website meant to constitute medical advice. The mindfulness & meditation services offered on this website do not constitute treatment. If you are looking for medical or mental health guidance related to any issues (including but not limited to tinnitus, chronic pain, or illness), please seek the help of a healthcare professional. 

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