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Mindfulness & Meditation for Work

You’ll hear the term “mindfulness” often in reference to strategies of working with personal or professional challenges. But let’s face it…most personal stress and struggle affects us in the workplace too…and vice versa. This goes for all levels – management, administrative, as well as support staff.

So when we talk about learning the life skills of Mindfulness and Meditation, separate approaches for different audiences are not really necessary. Perhaps just an emphasis on a particular theme in the curriculum, if desired. Mindfulness & meditation programs are proven to benefit many, if not all, workplace employees.

Much research has been done on the effects of mindfulness and meditation programs in the following professions, and has shown that:

  • Teachers: can experience decreased stress, burnout, and anxiety, and experience greater career satisfaction.
  • Healthcare workers: can experience less burnout and stress, have greater career satisfaction, and have more compassion towards those they are caring for, and themselves.
  • Military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMT workers, correctional officers, veterans and others in enormously stressful careers, find mindfulness and meditation practices help in coping with PTSD symptoms and trauma. They can help with issues of hyper-arousal, repetitive intrusive thoughts, and avoidance behaviour and also help cultivate more compassion towards those they are protecting.
  • Workplace leaders and teammates can benefit from mindfulness programs through experiencing a reduction in distraction, and an increase in productivity. Mindfulness can also help employees become more efficient and effective, and facilitates better communication. It can help leaders have more flexible thinking and be more purpose-driven and problem-solving-oriented.

Workshops & Programs are held in person or online, or both.

Anchored Meditation offers various options of Mindfulness & Meditation training for your team: from 2-hour introduction workshops, 6-week programs, to out of town weekend workshop/retreats. Each offers a different level of education and participation, but all cover approaches with the following objectives in mind:
  • Transforming your life by changing your relationship to it.
  • Strengthening your ability to focus and increase attention.
  • Finding physical and mental rest, recalibration and re-fuelling time.
  • Recognizing mental habits that create stress and worsen chronic illness or pain.
  • Choosing wiser responses over habitual, not so effective, reactions.
  • Building resilience and strengthening interpersonal connections.
  • Finding stability and balance with whatever life serves up.

If you’re interested in a workshop, program, or retreat for your team please contact me below.
No matter what industry we’re in,
mindfulness & meditation programs can improve our
overall well-being both at work and at home.
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