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Private Personalized Mindfulness & Meditation Training Programs

Who is private mindfulness & meditation training for?

Private personalized one-on-one sessions of mindfulness and meditation training are perfect for anyone that prefers to learn in a private setting, accessing individualized attention and instruction that addresses their specific needs, and on a schedule that works best for them.

Private sessions can also be facilitated in small groups from 2 to 5 people. Session rates are as indicated below.

Meditating Couple
Individual Meditation

What happens in your private mindfulness program:

The goal of a private personalized program is to introduce you to mindfulness and meditation concepts and practices and help you incorporate them into your daily life to meet your particular challenges skillfully and effectively.

In each session you will learn about a core mindfulness meditation theme and practice, and be guided through the experiential process of meditation and self-inquiry.

Ultimately, this program will help you establish your own self-guided mindfulness practice where, with commitment, you will: 

  • become a more present and engaged participant in your life
  • develop deep self-awareness and understanding
  • become cognizant of habits that are causing unnecessary stress and struggle
  • become more responsive and less reactive to daily events
  • find balance, acceptance, and peace despite life’s challenges

How the program works:

  • This program is conducted virtually through Zoom.
  • We’ll have a 15-minute consultation call where we explore your needs, and then
  • I’ll compose a personalized program agenda tailored to your timeline, based on regular pre-agreed times
  • We’ll then proceed with 5 weekly 1-hour sessions, during which you’ll learn:
  • key mindfulness practices through theme discussion
  • in-session practice, and meditation experience processing
  • Between weekly sessions you’ll complete your home practice which includes a daily 15-minute formal mindfulness meditation practice, as well as informal mindfulness tools and techniques that can be used as you move through your day
  • To support your home practice, you will receive a written summary of your sessions, mindfulness based info-sheets and recorded guided meditations
  • This home practice is crucial in solidifying your understanding of the practices and integrating them into your daily life.
Individual Meditation

For Individuals (1–on–1)

$100 x 5 weekly 1-hour sessions.
Total program investment: $500.

If you have close friends or relatives that you would like to learn mindfulness and meditation practices with, small private group sessions can be held for:

Meditating Couple

A 2-person program:

$150 x 5 weekly 1-hour sessions.
Your total program investment is $750

Group Meditation

A 3-5 person program:

$225 x 5 weekly 1-hour sessions.
Total program investment: $1125.

My Mindfulness & Meditation Demystified 2-Hour Introductory Workshop can also be booked on a private basis for groups of 5 people or more.

5 participants or more: $50 per person

Keep in mind that private/individual sessions are not counselling sessions. They are intended to support individual learning and integration of mindfulness and meditation practices into one’s life, to help deal with various life challenges.

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