Participant Testimonials

“Karen's overall approach to facilitation and personal demeanor –the use of common language, sharing of real life/relatable personal experiences, provision of practical examples, etc., helped to demystify “mindfulness” and “meditation” therefore making the concepts (and inherent benefits to everyday life) accessible and practical for those new to the practice.”
Mindfulness Meditation
Dr. William W.
“Karen takes meditation and explains things in normal terms that are relatable to the average person. This course is a fantastic introduction for anyone who is the slightest bit interested in meditation. Throughout the six classes, Karen breaks down the practice of mindfulness meditation into small building blocks, first laying the foundation, then building up as the weeks go on. Karen shows how mindfulness meditation can be applied to anyone's daily life! Enjoy a variety of topics over the week, and you will likely be motivated to adopt a meditation practice in some shape or form. I have truly become more mindful, more present, and more in tune with myself from completing the course. Would highly recommend!”
Mindfulness Meditation
Dr. Toni T.
“This course makes micro-movement changes in your daily life. Karen always reminded that a little change is still a change, and she was highly encouraging.“
Mindfulness Meditation
Julie L.
"Ebb & Flow is a fantastic introductory course in meditation and mindfulness. Karen breaks down the concepts into easy to digest segments with lots of time to practice and homework to cement the lesson. All of this wrapped up in a fun, interactive package with an entertaining, knowledgeable and approachable coach! Loved it!”
Mindfulness Meditation
Laura B.
“This is an amazing course! Karen's demeanor allows the participant to learn and practice the fine art of mindful meditation. Karen is both knowledgeable and supportive through the sessions. She is well prepared and has a wealth of insights and skills to make participants feel comfortable. She answers questions concisely and is open and welcoming! I would highly recommend Karen's course.”
Mindfulness Meditation
Andrea S.
“You should absolutely take a course with Karen! She will open your mind and heart and give you great tools to make your life a little easier!”
Mindfulness Meditation
Janet H. (Weekend Workshop)
“Loved it. Very accessible. Made me want to, and feel I could, fit a regular practice in my busy life.”
Mindfulness Meditation
Laurelyn B.
“Very authentic; practical; Karen has energy and a true passion for her practice and to teach others so they can benefit. Wanting so much to educate and inspire others, she is very clear calm and confident!”
Mindfulness Meditation
Dr. Edna T. (Weekend Workshop)
“Karen teaches the concepts and practice of mindfulness meditation in a reasoned, simple, clear and really effective way, without tons of jargon. I think her prior background as a radio host means she knows how to deliver information to an audience in a way that makes it easier to take in and reflect on. She was able to expand on concepts quickly, in a way that showed how well she knows her topics, and answered my questions clearly and with insight–like she can see the 'question behind the question'. And importantly (to me anyway) it was also sometimes done with humour, so the classes were never “dry”, or boring. You'd find Karen's course an excellent and helpful tool for navigating life and its day-to-day experiences and emotions.”
Mindfulness Meditation
David G.
“This class was great for anyone who wanted a full scope of an introduction into mindfulness meditation without being overwhelmed by too much content. Karen was very personable, and I felt comfortable discussing questions in the group atmosphere.”
Mindfulness Meditation
Paola V. (Weekend Workshop Participant)
“This course was a fantastic introduction to the concept of mindfulness and the practice of meditation. I've learned the importance and ability to be present and mindful. It's provided me with the ability to find a sense of peace and presence in an otherwise chaotic work and home life but using the simplicity of my breath. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn to slow down and experience the present even when driven to plan for the future.”
Mindfulness Meditation
Denise G.
“I encourage you to make the time to take this course. It really gives you a reality check for yourself and the method Karen used made me feel so at ease and engaged. I had a totally different perception of meditation and now I really enjoyed it and tuned in to myself and my needs.”
Mindfulness Meditation
Karen W.
"An excellent course for those interested in, not only meditating, but in understanding the principles of meditation in clear and straightforward terms. The calm, measured delivery of the instructor was an excellent “on-ramp” to learning the practice of meditation. Came away with useful tools and a greater sense of clarity for how to craft my own practice. Thank you!"
Mindfulness Meditation
Kelly M.
"Karen is a fantastic instructor. This course packs all the info in so you can begin your mindfulness meditation journey with ease."
Mindfulness Meditation
Rebecca H.
“If you want a down to earth, practical approach to starting a meditation practice, you could not find a better instructor than Karen Vincent of Anchored Meditation. From the start of our six-week class she offered clear and concise instruction on how to start and maintain a meditation practice and was extremely encouraging an open to discussion and offering solutions to any issues. “
Mindfulness Meditation
Janet H.

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